When the wicked quote Scripture

strong>“but God says to the wicked: ‘what right do you have to recite my statutes and take my covenant on your lips? You hate instruction and turn your back on My words. When you see a thief you make friends with him, and you associate with adulterers. You unleash your mouth for evil and harness your tongue for deceit. You sit, maligning your brother, slandering your mother son. You have done these things, and I kept silent; you thought I was just like you. But I will rebuke you and lay out the case before you. Understand this, you who forget God, or I will tear you apart, and there will be no one to rescue you.” (Psalms 50:16-22)

Much is being said this morning about our presidents use of scripture to justify his actions of amnesty toward illegal aliens. Many have used, or should I say have abused Scriptures through the years to justify their actions. What I think really doesn’t matter, but what God thinks is of tantamount importance.

God, in speaking through the psalmist, castigated the wicked for reciting the words of His covenant (verse 16). God hates hypocrisy! To quote one part and ignore the rest is not only hypocrisy but lunacy.

After blasting the wicked, God verbalizes six indictments of the wicked that will be evident from their hypocrisy:

Verse 17 says they will hate God’s instruction and turn their back on his word.

Verse 18 says they would become friends with thieves.

Verse 19 says their mouths would be full of evil and their tongue would be full of deceit.

Verse 20 says they would even criticize their brother and slander would be in their mouth.

Verse 21 says when the wicked quote Scripture, they would be guilty of all of these things.

The last part of verse 21 is the greatest outrage: The wicked will think that God is just like them.

The president’s practice of injustice
and deceit and his support of late term abortion and the murder of unborn babies reveals his character. Verse 22 records the impending justice of God on those who practice such things and who quote the Scripture.

Our president, and all who would follow in his footsteps, must repent and turn back to the living God.



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  1. K. Wilson

    Aawesome, Brother Tony! God doesn’t leave anything out of His Word or to chance!!! Thanks for your point of view! As always, it is God’s point that you are sharing!!

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