Moving Towards Mighty

Moving towards Mighty


“So Jotham became mighty because he ordered his ways before the Lord his God.” – 2 Chronicles 27:6

The fear of God is a rare thing in our day and time. The anemic state of the Church can be attributed to the lack of fear on our part. We have become brazen, yet barren; prosperous, yet powerless; and prideful yet pitiful.

Jotham feared God because he saw in his father, Uzziah, the consequence of not fearing. Uzziah, in his pride, acted foolishly in the House of God. He was presumptuous. Jotham wouldn’t even darken the door of God’s House because of this.

Uzziah’s undisciplined life caused Jotham to discipline himself. He ordered his life out of a healthy respect for the holiness of God.

Discipline — the catalyst that moved Jotham toward mightiness is the challenge that must move us in these presumptuous days. After almost 41 years as a Christian, this simple message is still profound in my heart. This morning God is again calling me, calling us, to discipline.

Jotham did not live long (41 years), but he did live strong! It is not necessarily the length of your life, but the strength of your life that makes the biggest impact. God’s design is that we move toward mighty. His design must become our desire. Only in ordering our lives before Him can this become a reality.


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