The Fringes of His Ways

The Fringes of His Ways


“These are but the fringes of His ways; how faint is the word we hear of Him! – Job 26:14


Even in the midst of his despair and suffering, Job’s heart was filled with praise for the Lord. In his humility, Job declared his efforts at communicating the greatness of God was hopeless. Job was saying that his praise didn’t even scratch the surface of who God is and how great His glory is! Of God’s greatness Job said:

–  He helps the powerless. (vs. 1)

–  He counsels the unwise. (vs. 2)

–  Hell is naked before Him. (vs. 6)

–  He stretches out the sky. 9vs. 7a)

–  He hangs the earth on nothing. (vs. 7b)

–  He wraps the water in clouds. (vs. 8)

–  He hides Heaven in the clouds. (vs. 9)

–  He laid out the horizon on waters between light and darkness. (vs. 10)

–  The sky shakes when He speaks. (vs. 11)

–  His power stirs the seas. (vs. 12)

–  His breath make the heavens beautiful. (vs. 13a)

–  His hand pierced the fleeing serpent. (vs. 13b)

One old preacher said, “This description of God is so weak, it is about to pass out!” The fringe is enough for me to have a fit! His ways are so much greater! No wonder Job was captivated by His presence. No wonder why his appetite for the words of his friends was non-existent.

Forget theology…I want Him! Forget denominations…His fellowship is sweetest! Forget the world…I’m latching on the hem of His garment…even the fringe is awesome!


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