Pointed Questions

Pointed Questions


How long, exalted men, will my honor be insulted? How long will you love what is worthless and pursue a lie?  – Psalms 4:2

We are so uneasy with examinations because we fear what they might reveal. Someone has said that fear can have one of two meanings:

1. Forget Everything And Run or,

2. Face Everything And Rise.

How we respond to God’s questions has great import into His glory being revealed in us. Will I come clean and face God openly and honestly? Will I not “settle” for normal when God has called me to so much more?

I think about George Mueller. Before he was ten, he was already an accomplished thief. The night his mother died he was wandering the streets drunk after a wild night with his friends. He disgraced himself in one school after another. Even in divinity school, training to be a minister of the gospel, he was no better. He was constantly in debt and up to all kinds of tricks and schemes to supply his lack of funds. Aware that no church was likely to call him to a pastorate in his deplorable condition, he tried in vain to reform.

Then God saved him, transformed him, and gave him a ministry. Mueller determined to establish a group of orphan houses and to do so in a way which would strike dumb the voices of atheism in England. He would keep his financial needs a secret between himself and God alone. He concluded that, if he, as a poor man, could receive provisions to carry on an orphan house, it would demonstrate that God is faithful and still hears prayer.

He succeeded. When he died, a very old man, Bristol went into mourning. Businesses closed and employees from companies all over the city lined the streets to witness the passing of one of the greatest men the city had ever known. On churches and cathedrals, flags flew at half-mast and the bells were rung with muffled peals. The Bristol Times said, “Mr. Mueller was raised up to show us that the age of miracles is not past.” Professor Rendle Short, one of Bristol’s foremost surgeons of the next generation said, “My father used to say that during the days of George Mueller, agnosticism did not dare to raise its head in Bristol.”

Facing pointed questions can bring us all to transformation and supernatural living. Is our pride insulting the honor of God? If so, crush our pride, oh God, and break our lives! Are we loving that which is worthless and chasing a lie? Let us turn back to the Lord. He has torn us; He will raise us up.

I appeal to you…as to my own heart today: Examine your heart. Let the Lord ask you the hard questions. Bend your heart to His will.


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January 21, 2014 · 8:18 pm

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