When I Meet With Him


Psalms 21:3 says, “For you meet with him with rich blessings; You place a crown of pure gold on his head.”

It is not theology but personal relationship that screams from the pages of God’s Book. God wants my attention, not my academic accruement! David said there were great benefits in meeting with God:

* You find joy in His strength. (vs. 1, 6)
* You are crowned with riches. (vs. 3)
* You experience life and length of days. (vs. 4)
* God confers majesty and splendor. (vs. 5)
* He gives blessings forever. (vs. 6)
* You receive stability through faithful love. (vs. 7)
* He promises victory over those who oppose you. (vs. 8)
* He fights your battles. (vs. 9-12)

God’s heart is to win our hearts. The Bible is devotional not theological because it is God’s love letter from His heart to ours. Faithful love…who could ask for more? I love Him and long to glorify Him forever; not because of a systematic study of Him, but because I have met Him.


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