When a Doubt becomes a Shout!

When a Doubt becomes a Shout!

Job 25:4 says, “How can a person be justified before God? How can one born of a woman be pure?” Job’s friend. Bildad, questioned the possibility of reconciliation with God. Jesus secured the reality of reconciliation. We experience the liberty of reconciliation.
The doubt. No one in the O.T. saw the blood! Sure, Isaiah wrote about the Suffering Servant, but he in no way could see what God’s answer to our sin was. Bildad was banking on self-righteousness but admitted that it was a bust as well. Doubt in this case, is the personality of the lost…those without hope.
The way out. The solution to man’s sin is not in an animal sacrifice, but in a suffering Son. Clean hands and a pure heart come from a bloody cross! Jesus is the way out…He is also the way in and the way through!
The shout. What freedom and joy can come to the human heart when we connect with the Lord Jesus by faith. Saved…from sin and self. Delivered…from death and destruction. Transformed…from enemy to family. The New Covenant in His blood is a shouting contract!
The doubt can only become a shout when we see the way out. Justice yields to joy when we meet Jesus!


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January 28, 2013 · 3:30 pm

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