Random Thoughts on Brokenness


“…A broken and contrite heart–these, O God, You will not despise.” – Psalm 51:17


Much has transpired since my last entry. The most significant of events in my life has been the School of Brokenness as a result of open heart surgery. In these days of recuperation and healing, God has granted me such grace and opportunity to know Him!

What follows are a few of the precious nuggets of truth the Father has revealed to me in this process. I praise Him for this time and the privilege to place myself completely in His care. Consider these statements carefully and respond if you like….

– Brokenness comes with great loss of what we prize most.

– Brokenness changes your activity, abilities, appetites, agenda, attitudes and allegiances.

– When truly broken, you will not say, “Finally!” because brokenness is not the destination but the beginning point in God’s work.

– Brokenness can be so profound that Heaven is silent for a space of time.

– Brokenness reduces to insignificance the things that had once “driven your life.”

– The target of brokenness is always pride.

– With brokenness, sometimes wounds must be opened, packed, and allowed to heal from the inside out. This can take much time.

– Brokenness brings a gratefulness for others that you only thought you had appreciated.

– The broken way is the narrow way. God hems us in so that the so-called freedom we once knew is gone. The more He works, the less choice we seem to have. From what we want, to what others say, to what oportunity presents itself…those become non-factors. It is only: “Thy will be done.” What a freeing place to be!

– Scars are intrinsically related to the brokenness of God’s people. (Galatians 6:17) No one walks far without marks.

– Separation is a common experience to one who is in the process of brokenness. (Matthew 4:1)

– Brokenness is tear-filled eyes seeing their way clear….at the Cross! (John 9:25)

– Brokenness empowers obedience by slaying self! (Psalm 119:67)

– Most of my life has been measured, planned, and reasonable. Cooking from a “card” is different than cooking from a cupboard. Brokenness is not “operating by recipe.” It is a “without measure” life in the Spirit. (John 3:34)

– Brokenness is God’s repair work for a sin-diseased heart. He gives us the new and takes away the old. (Ezekiel 36:26)

– The treasure of brokenness is a mind-blowing relationship with God! Read Psalm 139:1-5. Wait 5 minutes, then read verse 6.

– Brokenness can only come to a true child of God. It is wondrous work in a willing heart. As in childbirth, there is much pain, but it is not unwelcome to the longing heart.


Well, there is part of my journey as of late. I pray that something that I have shared will be a blessing to your heart and cause you to long for the “broken way.” I love you in the Lord and look for His soon return….


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