He Knows and Understands

“He did not need man’s testimony about man, for He knew what was in a man.”  — John 2:25

Just because Christ understands our weaknesses does not mean that He condones our sins. He, who was tempted like us in all respects, has called us to a life of victory through the power of His Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, those things that people like to gloss over by calling them weaknesses, and which are really just sins, rob our spiritual life of its vitality.

As far as Christ is concerned there are no insignificant sins, because all sin separates us from the Lord. Christ understands human weakness and frailty. He offers us forgiveness, purifies us, saves us, and gives us the spiritual strength to live victoriously.

Jesus looks beyond our sin and sees what we can become through the power of the Holy Spirit. He does not see us as struggling, failed, and imperfect beings, but as channels of the grace of God. He sees us as instruments of His will in the sphere of life where He has placed us. Because He knows what people are like. He knows our potential and desires to lead us to the perfection that God has ordained for us.

Because He knows and understands us, we can trust Him. Our response to Him should be to surrender our lives. What business do we have in holding back?


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