Staying Spiritually Fit

“If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.”  — 1 John 1:8

It is impossible to build a healthy spiritual life on the foundations of a faith that is deteriorating because of stubbornness and deliberate disobedience to God. Spiritual weakness is often the result of our unwillingness to discard things that harm our relationship with God.

Spiritual fitness begins when you open your life to the influence of God’s Holy Spirit. This can be a humbling and sometimes even painful experience. When the Spirit draws your attention to cherished sins that are festering in your spirit and blocking your spiritual growth, you need to confess them to your heavenly Father.

God requires a deliberate and specific act of confession for you, because this helps you to be delivered from the destructive influences that have tortured you for so long. Confessing the sins that you would rather forget is the first step on the path to spiritual healing.

When you place the past in God’s care and ask for His mercy, you enter a new phase of life and you can meet the future with joy, confidence and a clear conscience. It is then that your fitness and spiritual health become a living reality.


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