Clueless in the Clutches

“…But he did not know that the Lord had departed from him.”  — Judges 16:20


This was a most tragic scene in the life of a man of God. Samson had been selected and protected by the Lord on many occasions. He had seen mighty feats accomplished by the Spirit of God. Victory was a way of life for Samson and he knew that very well. Then something changed.

Curiosity, compromise and complacency became the guide stones for Samson’s journey. These stones would become too heavy for Samson to bear. With each encounter of Delilah, another stone was added to Samson’s load.

Samson finally found himself resting in the lap of deception; not knowing that the power of God and the presence of God had abandoned his fruitless distractions. He was weak and alone without even a hint of what was happening. His curiosity had led to compromise and complacency and now he was clueless.

Without divine protection, Samson was soon vulnerable, visionless, and vanquished by the enemy. He could only grind corn in the dungeon of the wicked. He could only squirm in the clutches of bondage.

It is a sad story, isn’t it?

We live in a generation in which the majority of the people are also clueless in the clutches. The opportunities we have enjoyed and the privileges we have taken for granted are about to be snatched from our grasp.

Ours is a generation of curiosity seekers. We are a bit interested in many things but unwilling to commit to God. We are watchers but not joiners. We experience but we do not live.

The curiosity of the many has led us to the compromise of the crowd. Many who call themselves “Christians” have acquiesced to such soft choices that this generation of anemic professors has found itself in dangerous torrents of compromise that threaten the existence of the true message and life of the Gospel!

As the final complacency of Samson, the church in our day finds itself content to sleep in the lap of the deceiver without the power and presence of God. The sad thing is, most do not even know what has happened!

What shall we do? We must cry out to God as Samson did: “O Lord God, please remember me
and please strengthen me just this time..” (vs. 28).
Dear one, God is our only hope. We must turn back to Him and cry out to Him with all our heart!

There is coming a time, very soon, when God will shake everything that can be shaken. Only that which cannot be shaken (those truly in Christ) will survive. Don’t be found “clueless in the clutches” when the judgment of God falls on this generation.

Cry out to God, for one more chance…just this time.


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