Note to Readers: Thank you for your patience this past week. I took a break from writing to gain fresh insight into what the Lord wanted to say to my heart. The time away was very beneficial to me and I pray will be beneficial to you in the days ahead.  God bless each of you…

“The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need.”  — Psalm 23:1


Many years ago, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a “technician” at a Rolls Royce Dealership in London, England. We discussed the quality, design and performance of this renowned British luxury automobile.

I was especially intrigued with the lack of specifics provided about the engine. I could never manage to convince the “technician” to discuss the horsepower of each model. When I pressed him for a number he would always respond, “Enough.”

Finally, when we both realized that the conversation was at a dead-end, he explained, “We at Rolls Royce stand by our product and assure our patrons that, in any situation, they will find that the engine in their automobile will produce the power needed for the occasion. There is no need for a numeric measurement. We simply say it is ‘enough.’”

David had experienced the sufficiency of God for his life and expressed such in this beautiful Psalm. As I was reading it once again this morning, two dynamic truths jumped off the page.

David first shared the personal experience of knowing God in his inner life. He described his inner life as being one of complete satisfaction. David said, in essence, what more could I want? He had come to know God personally and experienced His provision (verse 2), His peace (verse 3a), and His path (verse 3b).

David also shared how knowing God had affected his outer life. He testified to God’s complete protection as he faced real-life situations. David knew God’s presence when it came to confronting the issue of his own mortality (verse 4). He experienced the victory of God’s overcoming power when faced with opposition (verse 5), and he held to the unfailing promise of God in ultimately delivering him from all harm and to his eternal home (verse 6).

God was enough for David. In life and in death, the Lord was both his satisfaction and his protection. Can you say, “He is enough for me?” Have you come to the realization that, no matter what the circumstance, He is enough?

I challenge you to cultivate your inner life in such a way as to experientially know His provision, His peace, and His path. Allow God to work in your outer life so that He can work through your weaknesses, demonstrate His power and fulfill His promise in you.


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