Hope That Is Real


“For God wanted them to know that the riches and glory of Christ are for the Gentiles, too. And this is the secret: Christ lives in you. This gives you assurance of sharing His glory.”  — Colossians 1:27


Though World War II did not officially end until 1945, it can be safely said that it was over on June 6, 1944. That was D-Day, when 176,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy in France. Eventually, three-quarters of a million troops assembled in France to liberate Europe from the Axis powers led by Adolph Hitler. Many fierce battles followed D-Day before the Axis armies were defeated. However, the die was cast on D-Day when hope came once again to the free world.

The same may be said of our Christian experience. Though the day is yet in the future when evil will be eradicated from earth completely, we know it will happen because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By His death, Christ freed believers from the debt of sin. By His resurrection, death, the last great enemy, was conquered so we might live again and forever.

We are all fighting battles or skirmishes in our daily lives. We fight real enemies: the world, the flesh and the devil. The Christian life is a battleground, not a playground. We shouldn’t waste our time wishing things were different. Instead, we should put our hope in the fact that with the invasion of Christ into this world, victory has already been assured! True hope is available to all the allies of the conquering Christ. True hope and victory is not just wishful thinking but is faith in fact.

The wonderful hope we have is that Jesus is not only for us and with us. He is also in us! It is Christ in you – and Christ in me that gives us this assurance.


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