True Royalty


“He has made us kings and priests for God His father…”  — Revelation 1:6

The blood of Jesus Christ not only washes away our sins, but it transforms us into true royalty as well. Our divine right is not now recognized by the world, but it will be unquestionably admitted in the day when we reign with Christ “on the earth” (Revelation 5:10). As “heirs” with Him, “all things” (1 Corinthians 3:22) will then be acknowledged as our rightful, royal possession.

A converted shoemaker in Germany, who rejoiced in his salvation and his unique and royal inheritance in Christ, was constantly heard singing out his joy and gratitude in hymns of thanksgiving to God. One day a Jewish gentleman walked by the shop where the shoemaker was working. The gentleman had experienced such frustration and restlessness over the empty rituals of his father’s religion. As he came near the cobbler’s door, he was attracted by the joy and confidence of this humble Christian. Stopping, he said, “My friend, you seem exceedingly happy.” “Indeed,” said the shoemaker, “I have good reason to be, for you must understand, sir, that I am a King’s son.” The gentleman shook his head disbelievingly and was heard to whisper to himself as he went on his way, “Poor fool.”

A few days later he had the occasion to pass the little shop again. “Good morning your Royal Highness,” said the Jewish gentleman in a sarcastic tone. “Good morning,” said the cobbler, “please do not hurry away, but give me a moment to explain what I meant the other day.” The gentleman stopped, and the Christian told in his own sincere and humble way of his Scriptural right to call himself royalty. His testimony later bore fruit and that Jewish gentleman became his friend and later by an act of faith, became a child of the King.

Do you face this week, weary Christian, with your head down because of the battles and discouragement of today? Lift up your head, O blessed one! Soon your true royalty will be made evident to all. The crowning day is drawing near. Soon we shall reign with our victorious Savior. Sing on, O saint. Our present grind will give way to glory! Hallelujah!


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