God Laughs at Impossibilities (Part 3)


“And His disciples answered Him, ‘Where will anyone be able to find enough bread here in this desolate place to satisfy these people?’”  — Mark 8:4

The wilderness was a terrible place in which to have a picnic, especially when there was neither food nor stores within miles. Jesus, perhaps deliberately, had led thousands of people to the solitary place where need had become urgent. God was about to deal with ominous conditions!

The people were very hungry, for they had been with the Lord for three days. With each moment, the problems of hunger were being accentuated. When the Lord asked the disciples to feed the multitude, His suggestion seemed ludicrous.

The desperation brought on by His request lead the disciples to cry out, “Where will anyone be able to find enough…”  They realized that they were in a helpless and hopeless situation. The need was beyond their ability to meet.

What happened next is now known to the whole world. Jesus graciously accepted what a little boy offered, blessed it and fed a multitude of hungry people. Sovereignty confronted necessity and revealed glory!

The ominous conditions of our day have given pause to even the most courageous. The moral decay of our country is accentuated by the highest of our elected official deciding not to enforce the laws of our land. Truth has fallen in our streets and justice has been forsaken as an unwanted orphan.

In the midst of our spiritual, moral, political and social famine, God has an answer. He laughs at our impossible conditions. Our problems become His proofs. He can take the “nothing” we see or the “little” we have and create an abundant banquet in our lives!

The ominous conditions of our generation call us back to Him. While our world struggles and starves, our God stands; ready to prove His love and power. Jesus stands ready to provide help and hope for a lost and dying world. His eyes are fixed on you. He waits for you and me to offer what we have so that He might take it, bless it and feed the world.

He is calling us to join Him in the adventure of a lifetime. We can chuckle with Him at the impossible or we can crumble with the world at the unattainable. I choose to walk with God by faith. I choose to believe it until I see it rather than to see it before I believe it!

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One response to “God Laughs at Impossibilities (Part 3)

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I spoke of this miracle this morning… and now I am reading about it again and finding how it does apply to MY life…. I don’t know where I heard that God laughs at our impossibilities before. But I quoted that on my blog entry today. I pray that God make the impossible possible in my life, in my family. Sometimes I think, “How could He not?” and yet there is doubt. As I have said before, sometimes I feel if there is evil in this world in shows up in my life in the form of doubt. Doubt takes my hope away. Hope is my will to live, to keep going.

    I pray that God can make the impossible happen. Please, keep me (Andrea) my husband Matt and my son Oliver in your prayers. I thank you.

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