The Leadership Lie



Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ.”  — Matthew 23:10

Check it out in your local Christian bookstore. Look at the conference circuit and you will find that the majority of the subject matter has to do with leadership. The local church has been bombarded with the philosophy that what is wrong with Christianity, especially in America, is a lack of leadership.

Leadership training and development is draining millions of dollars from missions and lining the pockets of authors and seminar speakers. The merchandising of this false gospel and the infiltration of its erroneous teaching have paralyzed the Church from its main function: the evangelization of the world. We are so busy training that we have stopped telling.

Jesus has a philosophy of leadership that goes against the trendy teachings of today. Jesus said that the church has a leader and we are not it. He limited leadership of the Church to Himself. He freed His disciples to serve by explaining that the Church needed only one leader and He would be that leader.

The 21st century Church has no leadership deficit. We have a great leader and His name is Jesus Christ. He died for the Church. He rose to lead the Church. He can take care of His Church!

The “Leadership Lie” has camouflaged the great need of the Church in our time: followship. We are weak and anemic in our witness today because we are not willing to follow the lamb wherever He goes! Servant-followers are needed in our day to stem the tide of growing worldliness in our Churches and to launch us back into the fields that are “white unto harvest.”

God is calling us back to the fields. Most have been so deceived that they do not even know that they have left them. We have put on a good show of evangelism and missions but the fields lay empty of workers and the harvest is approaching rottenness.

So will we follow? Will we accept the challenge to harvest in what could be the most productive time in history? Will we continue to be distracted by the “lie of leadership,” or will we hear the clear call to serve? The fate of millions rest with our choice. Eternity is at stake…follow Christ!


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