What To Do Next

“The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.”  — Proverbs 24:16

The stage was set and the world was watching. The young lady who stepped to the microphone began in cue with the music. Then it happened. Caught up in the moment, Christina Aguilera forgot what she had just sung and repeated a portion of the lyrics to The National Anthem.

Those caught on the camera behind her were visibly shocked. How could a professional performer ever commit such a gaffe on a national…no a worldwide stage as the Super Bowl? After so much planning and practice, how could something like this happen?

The news channels picked up the mistake and broadcast it repeatedly. On the internet, Christina’s performance went “viral.” What a difficult and humbling experience it turned out to be for such a popular singer and entertainer.

As embarrassing as it must have been for Christina, I am confident that one thought never entered her mind: “Well I messed up that song; I’m never going to sing again!” To abandon music over a missed note or a repeated phrase would seem ridiculous.

Why do Christians find it so easy to quit? We get “tripped up” as Proverbs 24 says and we seem to throw in the towel. It’s funny to me.

I imagine a grown man, lying on the ground. I ask, “Why are you down there?” To this he replies, “Well I fell down once, so I just gave up ever being able to walk. I just stay down here and crawl around. There is no sense in me trying to walk again. I would just end up falling.”

The writer of Proverbs says that one disaster is enough to destroy a wicked man, but those who are right with God get up and keep on going. It is what a person does after they sin that reveals what they really are.

When you sin, what do you do next? Are you convicted and brokenhearted over you actions and attitudes? Do you seek to turn from your sin in repentance and surrender your life back to the One who bought it?

Silence is no option when God has created you to sing. Quitting is no option when God has called you to walk with Him. What will you do next?


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