The Face of the Captain

“He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves. What a blessing was that stillness as He brought them safely into harbor!”  — Psalm 107:29-30

Robert Louis Stevenson, one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century, tells of one of his voyages to the South Sea Islands when a terrible storm arose. The passengers were all frightened and feared the ship would be lost.

One of the men finally went out in the wind and rain and climbed to the upper deck, where he saw the captain quietly pacing the bridge. With a calm and undisturbed face he looked out across the sea and gave orders for handling the ship.

The man made his way back again to the cabin where the passengers were huddled together. In response to their questions he answered, “I have seen the captain’s face and all is well.”

I see in this experience of Stevenson an application so needed for many who claim the name of Jesus Christ. We are living in a time of anxiety, confusion and peril. An attitude of distrust and uneasiness over what may lie ahead seems to dominates our decisions and actions.

It is past time that we come aside from the company of our fellow passengers, our friends, our family, etc. and gaze upon the face of our Captain. The Father is the one who ‘calms the storm to a whisper and stills the waves” (verse 29). He is the One who brings us to “stillness and safety.”

Christians are not called to escapism. On the contrary, God’s commission to us is to thrust our lives into this stormy world. We must realize that to thrive in our circumstances, it is absolutely necessary that we keep our eyes fixed on Him. When we take the time to look into His face, we see that all is well.

I am not advocating that we have a “quiet time” with God every day. I am challenging you to join me in having “quiet TIMES” with Him everyday. Look into the face of the Captain often. Be reminded of His command of your situation regularly and you will not only know, but live in the truth that all is well!


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