The Crossroad

“For I live in eager expectation and hope that I will never do anything that will cause me to be ashamed of myself but that I will always be ready to speak out boldly for Christ while I am going through all these trials here, just as I have in the past; and that I will always be an honor to Christ, whether I live or whether I must die.” —  Philippians 1:20

Every journey has its crossroads. Physically and humanly speaking, direction demands them. Crossroads are a natural process in traveling from Point A to Point B.

However natural a crossroad is to the traveling process, there can be no mistaking its significance and strategic importance in terms of where we end up. Take the wrong turn and you end up in Toledo, Ohio for the weekend. Destin, Florida may have been in your heart, but that’s how it goes.

Paul had come to a significant crossroad in his life. His choice and direction became, “I will always honor Christ, whether I live or whether I die.” He was now calling the Philippians to the same choice.

This crossroad of faith calls for a surrendered will. We must choose against ourselves and for Christ. It is a searing and bitter choice we must make. It is a death choice and a life direction.

We cannot excuse away where the Lord is calling us to walk. We cannot point to our relationship with others, our responsibilities or our limited resources in time or talent as a legitimate reason for going another way. We must choose, sincerely, honestly and openly.

This crossroad of faith calls for a servant’s heart as well. To turn away from ourselves points us toward the cross and others. To honor Christ at the cross means we must bear our own. To honor Christ through others means we must share His life.

Now as we look to a new year I challenge you to make a choice. This year will be filled with opportunities, obstacles, adventures and excitement. Choose Christ above all…His Best as your goal…His glory as your greatest joy.


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