The Broken Win!

“Saul was one of the official witnesses at the killing of Stephen. A great wave of persecution began that day, sweeping over the church in Jerusalem, and all the believers except the apostles fled into Judea and Samaria.”  —  Acts 8:1

Somewhere I remember reading a story of the great Chinese Christian, Watchman Nee, when he spoke to a group of ministers during a time of persecution. Spies had infiltrated the meeting to trap Nee in his words, and he knew that as soon as he opened his mouth he’d be arrested. His solution was to act out his sermon.

Looking over the audience, he picked up a glass of water and hurled it to the floor, smashing it. His face assumed a smug arrogance, and for five minutes he walked around the platform crunching glass under his feet.

Suddenly his expression changed to alarm. He tried to pick up the pieces and reassemble them, but it couldn’t be done. Finally, he threw the pieces in the air, and they fell to the platform like a chorus of raindrops. Then he walked away.

The spies never understood the parable, but the ministers did. Years later, a pastor in Shanghai gave the interpretation. The Communists would try to smash the church and grind it under their feet, and they would seem successful. But, in fact, they would fail. Instead of smashing it, it would be dispersed across China — which is exactly what happened.

Today Christianity and Christians are under attack as never before, and millions of believers are facing persecution. Even in America, an attempt to erase Christianity’s influence and impact on the formulation and continuation of our nation is being erased from the history books and eliminated from the public arena.

On an individual level, our culture is becoming increasingly vocal and vehement towards those who express their faith in daily life. Political correctness has cause growing attacks on those  who speak out against sin and hold up God’s moral standards for life.

The devil should have learned his lesson in Acts 8. He can’t win. Those who are persecuted and come under the attack of the enemy still go everywhere, proclaiming the Word. We cannot be stopped, we cannot be silenced. In truth, the blood of the martyrs is still the seed of the church. Break us and we win. Crush us and we conquer! God does always cause us to triumph through Jesus Christ


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