Lord of the Ordinary

“Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the celebration.”  —  John 2:2

So much of what God does in our lives takes place against the backdrop of ordinary events. In following Jesus, the disciples had to attend what they no doubt considered and ordinary, everyday event: a wedding.

I have never met a man who really looks forward to weddings. He goes because they are important to others. He goes because of friendship. He goes because his family expects him to. But he doesn’t go to weddings for the sheer joy of it. To the average man, a wedding is an ordinary event–one he would skip if he could.

I can only imagine what the disciples were thinking when Jesus told them they would be going to a wedding: Oh, great! We get to go to a wedding. I wonder if Jesus really likes weddings or if he feels he needs to attend. How much pull does his mother have in his life?

But at the scene of this ordinary event, the disciples, along with the other wedding guests, had the opportunity to witness Jesus’ first public miracle–turning water into wine. Jesus hadn’t announced ahead of time what he planned to do that day. He hadn’t given the disciples a heads-up to let them know that this day would be the beginning of their ministry.

Some of the most important events in my life have taken place on very ordinary days. The day I became aware of my need for Jesus started out as a very ordinary day. Likewise, the day I met Shirlon, the woman who would become my wife, was an ordinary day. August 25th and December 29th seem to be ordinary days, but they were the days my granddaughters were born. Extraordinary days!

Does life seem very ordinary to you right now? Then look up! God may be about to do something extraordinary for you very soon.


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