Whose Plan Are You Following?

“I discovered that God created people to be upright, but they have each turned to follow their own downward path.”  —  Ecclesiastes 7:29

The story is told about a truck driver whose job was to haul canaries. It was a tough and sometimes frustrating job, so he had to come up with a plan to make it easier on him and his truck.

One day another driver noticed that the trucker had a curious habit of stopping every two blocks and beating on the rear of the truck with a hefty piece of lumber. The driver flagged the canary-hauling trucker down and asked him why he beat on the truck every block or two.

The trucker explained, “Well, I’ve got two tons of canaries and a one-ton truck, so half of the birds have to stay in the air all the time!”

W often get in over our heads in life. We make decisions that force us to work too much. We involve our families in the community to the point that we can hardly manage our schedules. We add one deadline after another until our lives are nothing but deadlines.

It is very easy to over commit, and it is just as easy to create schemes to try to manage that over commitment. But rather than turning to God for wisdom to prioritize our lives, we make up our own plans, implement them, then hope God in His mercy and grace will bless them.

I’ve learned that my life is a lot more manageable when I just take the time to go to God first and find out His plan, then do what I have to do to make His plans a reality in my life.

Whose plans are you following? Are you living a “cart before the horse” kind of life? Here’s my suggestion: Go to God daily and ask Him what He wants of you, then make the needed plans to make His will your own.

Finding out what God is doing and getting in on it takes the stress and strain out of life…His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30)!

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