Obeying When It Doesn’t Make Sense

“…But if you say so, I will let the nets down again…”  —  Luke 5:5

Peter, James, and John–colleagues in a commercial fishing business–were tired and frustrated. They had spent the entire night lowering and raising their nets into the Sea of Galilee. Sadly, they had nothing to show for their strenuous labors–not so much as a minnow.

As they cleaned and mended their nets on the shore, a crowd began to gather to hear Jesus, an itinerant teacher. The fishermen had heard him before, and his words intrigued them. As the audience grew and inched closer, Jesus retreated to one of the boats.

After concluding his message, Jesus asked Peter to go fishing again! Peter might have thought, What do you know about fishing, Jesus? You’re a preacher! or, We’re exhausted. Maybe another time. But Peter pushed his reluctance aside and headed out.

The results were astonishing–a greater catch of fish than Peter had ever seen in his life! What did it mean? Peter’s head had to be spinning. In that moment, he and his friends suddenly realized what they had to do. They left everything there on the beach and followed Jesus.

The same Jesus who suddenly and abruptly brought purpose, hope and help to Peter wants to do the same thing for you and me. Are we willing to “let down our nets,” to do something odd or inconvenient in order to know Jesus better? Are we willing to do the “unreasonable” in order to experience and share the “impossible” with others?

Because we do not see as He sees and do not know as He knows, God’s demands and directions may not make sense to us. Dear one, the Father already sees the finish line. He knows the way that we must take. Trust and obey today. As the hymn says, “For there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”


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