Are We the Light?

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”  —  Matthew 5:16

In 1984, I was introduced to a Christian song that began to shake my heart in a very powerful way. My walk with God was anything but traditional and conventional, and yet the words of this song disturbed and awakened me.

To fully understand what it means to be light we must see they consequences of darkness. We soon forget what we were delivered from when we come to Jesus. We also lose sight of our responsibility to others who are trapped in that same darkness. We forget that someone had to be willing to shine God’s light into our lives so we could see.

I challenge you to open your eyes and your heart today and let the words of this song penetrate. Ask yourself, “Where am I at in shining the light of Jesus to this world?”

The Light of Jesus to the World
By: Carmen

Who’s gonna take the Shield of Faith
Out into the ghettos
And witness to the street gangs
Of the night
Who’s gonna be the bold one
To tell the pimps and prostitutes
The affection that they crave
Is found in Christ
Who’ll take the Breastplate of Righteousness
Into this country’s schools
And preach holiness to every boy and girl
Well it’s you and its me
Who witness for the Savior
And be the light of Jesus to the world

Tell me who’ll stand strong and tall
And gird their loins with truth
And stand and say abortion is a sin
Who’ll confront the politicians
With all of their deception and say
In Heaven God won’t let liars in
Who’ll take the Helmet of Salvation
Out into Wall Street
And teach wealth is more than cars, diamonds and pearls
Well It’s you and it’s me who’ll take the Cross of Calvary
And be the light of Jesus to the world

Said it’s you and it’s me
We are the world’s examples
Our government won’t teach us how to pray
Tell me when was the last time
You witnessed to your neighbor
And told him Jesus is the way

Because they’re dying our in Vegas
They think gambling’s the answer
In Hollywood they’re lost in lust for fame
The homosexual in San Francisco’s trapped in vile bondage
In Miami drugs still play their hellish game
Someone has to walk this gospel
Of peace throughout our nations
Our T.V. game shows won’t clear out our jails
Because it’s you and it’s me
Who’ll bear the lamp of God
And be the light of Jesus to the world

I said it’s you and it’s me
We’re still called his disciples
Who’ll bring the light of Jesus to the world


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