Faith in a Tight Spot

“The officer assisting the king said, ‘That couldn’t happen if the Lord made windows in the sky!’ But Elisha replied, ‘You will see it happen.’”  —  2 Kings 7:2

Elisha inevitably seemed to place the people he encountered in a tight spot. Possessing the brash ways of a prophet speaking on God’s authority, he tested the faith of those he encountered.

He offered a starving city hope, assured a lone servant victory over an army, and promised an aged woman she would mother a son. But Elisha knew that God’s power was demonstrated through the faithfulness of those whose faith was being tested. They would be called upon to believe and see the unseen.

Elisha’s ministry reminds us of the importance of trusting God’s provisions for the present as well as the future. We may encounter Elishas in our everyday circumstances. God may use such people to put us in a tight spot–a place where our faith is challenged.

Perhaps an employer’s unexpected notice of pending cutbacks will challenge your belief in God’s promises to care for you. Or maybe a loved one has become ill, and you wonder where God has gone. Our response during these difficult times will either boost or stunt our spiritual growth.

Trust. Without faith we can never please God (Heb. 11:6). The servant in this story was trampled under by his own doubt. Tight spots show us that we can’t do it ourselves. We need God and must trust Him to deliver us.

Pray. Ask God for the faith to respond in complete trust concerning every aspect of your present situation and your future expectation. Live with expectancy in your heart and there will be no shortage of “trust” in your life.

Act. The starving city of Samaria had to leave the security of its high walls to find the provision of God. Don’t expect God to just drop everything into your lap. Tight spots are tight for a reason. They make us uncomfortable so we won’t remain in them. Obedience is the natural outgrowth of trust.


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