God’s Fence Around Us

“For this reason I will fence her in with thorn bushes. I will block her path with a wall to make her lose her way.”  —  Hosea 2:6

The great gospel message is than in Christ Jesus I am free.
Thank You, Lord, for this truth. But it is just as true that in Christ Jesus I am bound, hobbled, hedged, and limited.  My freedom is only my freedom to change hobbles and to realize that Satan, my former hobbler, meant only viciousness for me while Chris, my new hobbler, intends only eternal welfare and good for me.

God said about Israel, “I will fence her in with thorn bushes. I will block her path will a wall…” This is the wall of confinement. Whenever we rebel against God and grow rude, as Israel did, a confining fence will always be placed around us. Despite our confinement, that fence was an expression of God’s love for us. It shows the extent to which God will go to protect His children from sinning and, therefore, from reaping a sad harvest.

Job had a confining fence also. Satan said, “You have always put a wall of protection around him.” (Job 1:10) Father, thank you for this fence! It is a fence of protection around an obedient child of Yours to keep out the external enemy.

God has built a fence around every one of His children. I may, if I will, break through the fence and run wildly after my own selfish desires. But if I do, the consequences will be mine also. If I stay within the hedge, the consequences are His.

I will thank God for the fences, whether illness, poverty, disappointment, sorrow, alienation, or whatever. I find my freedom when I realize that the fence is not a confinement of my love for Him, or His love for me. His fence does not hinder my obedience to Him, but instead, makes me free to be abandoned to all the glories of a God-planned life.


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