Knowing Your Enemy

“Humble yourselves before God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.”  —  James 4:7

The formula for victory in the spiritual realm would be simple if it weren’t lived out on such an intense battlefield: (1) submit to God, (2) resist the devil, (3) the devil runs. But Satan often looks bigger than life to us. It really is a matter of knowing our enemy, isn’t it?

During the Second World War, C. J. Auchinleck, British commander-in-chief of the Middle East forces, wrote the following order to all commanders and chiefs-of-staff under his authority:

“There exists a real danger that our friend Rommel is becoming a king or magician or bogey-man to our troops, who are talking far too much about him. He is by no means a superman, although he is undoubtedly very energetic and able. Even if he was a superman, it would still be highly undesirable that our men should credit him with supernatural powers.

I wish you to dispel by all possible means the idea that Rommel represents something more than the ordinary. The more important thing now is to see that we do not always talk of Rommel when we mean the enemy in Libya. We must refer to ‘the Germans’ or  ‘the axis powers’ or ‘the enemy’ and not always be harping.

Please ensure that this order is put into immediate effect, and impress upon all commanders that, from a psychological point of view, it is a matter of the highest importance.”

Satan is a formidable foe with great–albeit limited–powers. But his power is nothing compared to God’s. Knowing that, we should never allow the devil to intimidate us or overwhelm us with his propaganda.

The firmest stand we take against the enemy comes when we humble ourselves before God. The head and heart bowed to the Lordship of Christ, cannot be touched by the fiery darts of the evil one.

Yielding to God leads to resistance of the enemy. The presence of God and His favor on our lives brings terror to Satan’s heart. Christ, living in and through us, will cause the enemy of our souls to flee from us.

Satan is a routed enemy…a toothless lion. He has been rendered helpless and hopeless by Christ and His Cross!


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