Cultivating Bitterness

“Korah son of Izhar…became insolent and rose up against Moses…”  —  Numbers 16:1-2

Korah was a whiner, a complainer, a grumbler. To him the glass was always half empty. Rather than concentrating on all his blessings (and they were many!), he focused on what he didn’t have. His discontentment turned into jealousy and then resentment. Overcome with bitterness, he challenged Moses, God’s appointed leader. His rebellion resulted in his death and that of many other Israelites.

Imagine how differently things might have turned out. Suppose Korah had spent his time, energy, and emotion thanking God for delivering him and his family from Egyptian bondage. Imagine if Korah had regularly expressed appreciation to God for the privilege of being a Levite and for the opportunity to work in and around the tabernacle.

Consider the difference if Korah had prayed daily for Moses and Aaron, the leaders of Israel. There’s no doubt that if Korah had cultivated contentment, his witness would have brought glory to God.

How can we guard against grumbling? Practice the art of appreciation. Thank God often for the many blessings He has given you. Focus on what God has called you to do. Serve faithfully, and leave issues like prestige, prominence, and position in God’s hands.

If you are trying to grab the spotlight, or if you’re mad that someone else is enjoying the limelight, beware! Grumbling is a denial of God’s work in our lives and of His absolute goodness and grace towards us.


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