Building Ladders

“And so, dear brothers, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all that He has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice–the kind He will find acceptable. This is the true way to worship Him.”  — Romans 12:1

One cold winter night in Epworth, England, the church bell began to ring. People ran into the dark night and saw that a house was on fire. A crowd gathered and began to fight the flames that were raging. Samuel and Susanna had escaped the inferno along with six of their children, but no one could find Johnny.

Realizing the worst, Samuel headed back toward the burning house. Town’s people held him back from certain death. The crowd stood helplessly watching the structure yield to the ravages of the flames. “Look,” someone shouted. A face appeared in an upstairs window. He could not escape through the house because of the flames.

In an instant, two men leaped from the crowd and started toward the house. One climbed upon the shoulders of the other. The flames were intense. Their clothes began to smoke, but the little boy was pulled through the high window by the arms of a living ladder. The little boy saved that night was none other than John Wesley, who was used of God to shake England, and indeed the world with great revival! He also became one of the founders of the Methodist Church. Years later John Wesley wrote, “That night, I was plucked as a brand from the burning.”

For those who have given their heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ, we have the same mission as the men who saved John Wesley that night. We are to be building ladders with our lives so that the little John Wesleys of tomorrow might be saved today. We must “present our bodies as a living sacrifice” so that others might know the life that was so freely shared with us. We must give. We must teach. We must go. We must tell. We must pray so that little children, teenagers, moms and dads will be snatched from the hellish flames of this world and the next!


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