More Than Enough

“Then Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up. ‘There’s a young boy here with five barley loaves and two fish. But what good is that with this huge crowd?'”  —  John 6:8-9

Sometimes our greatest moments of growth occur in the midst of stress. In this account of the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus intentionally put the disciples in a stressful situation so that they could grow in their faith.

Jesus challenged the disciples to figure out a plan for feeding thousands of hungry people. Jesus knew exactly how he was going to meet the need, but rather than tell the disciples his plan, he asked them to solve it themselves. There was, after all, a lesson to be learned that day.

Phillip immediately did the math and concluded that it would have required eight months’ wages to pull off the task. Of course, the disciples didn’t have eight months’ wages at their disposal, so the conclusion was obvious–this was an impossible situation. You can just hear Phillip announcing to the other eleven disciples, “There is no hope of us getting this done.”

Then Andrew told Jesus what they did have at their disposal. It wasn’t much–only five small loaves of bread and two small fish that a small boy had been carrying–but it was something. Compared with the need, it might as well have been nothing. But it was the best that anyone had to offer. As it turned out, it was enough.

Jesus took the bread and fish, blessed them, and began giving. By the time he had finished giving, everyone in the crowd of thousands had more than enough to eat. Not only that, there were twelve baskets of leftovers!

There are three reasons the five loaves of bread and two fish were enough. First, it was the best any of the disciples had to offer. Second, what they had was left in the hands of Jesus. Third, and most importantly, their limitation highlighted God’s ability…it brought glory to God!

Today, our lives are the “more than enough” that God is desiring to use to bring glory to Himself and to show the world His power. When you and I bring the best we have to God, leave it in His hands and seek to glorify Him, then the world will see His power and be confronted with His reality.


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