Nothing Available for Him?

“She gave birth to her first child, a son. She wrapped him snugly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger, because there was no lodging available for him.”  —  Luke 2:7


I am sure that over the years you have heard a message or a reference to the fact that there was no room in the inn for Jesus. I am always astounded that the Creator of the Universe, who came in human flesh, was without decent accommodation.

Last night, as our church celebrated in a special service the first coming of Jesus Christ, my heart  was brought to a new reality of this heartbreaking truth. Many of us today have made no accommodation or room for Jesus in our lives. Even in our churches and church activities we have scheduled and programmed Jesus completely out of our lives.

As I write, there comes to mind at least four ways that we reveal that we have nothing available for Him. The absence of “room for Jesus” is seen first of all in what we SEEK. The predominant mindset of our culture and especially the Christian culture of our day is found in Philippians 2:21, “All the others care only for themselves and not for what matters to Jesus Christ.” It seems that most of us are preoccupied with our own lives, our own concerns, our own world. Sacrificial and selfless energies are at an all-time low.

A second way that we show that we have nothing available for Him is seen in what we SHARE. The common pursuit of much of our generation can be expressed in what my grandfather told me one time. He said that much of the world lives by this philosophy:

Get all you can — Can all you get — Sit on the can — And poison the rest!

The self-centeredness of our seeking naturally expresses itself in our sharing as well. We guard against letting go because we are so afraid we will lose what we have. Our unwillingness to share has pushed Jesus out into the barn.

A third way we show that we have nothing available for Him is seen in what we SAY. We live in a generation whose greatest sin could possibly be silence. We do not share because we do not care. There is very little prophetic warning. There is very little passionate love for God and the hopeless plight of the lost. We will not share Him if He is not a present reality in our lives….no room!

A fourth way we reveal that we have nothing available for Him is in what we Show. Our world is searching. Our world is desperately seeking something that is real, fulfilling and lasting. Recent moral scandals in our country have demonstrated that someone can have everything the world has to offer and still be unhappy. Man’s soul is truly restless until it finds its rest in Him.

It is so sad that Christians have the answer for our world and we are not showing it! Our lives demonstrate no substantial difference from that of the world. Where is the holiness? Where is the difference that makes the difference. Where is the contagious joy? Where is the peace that passes all understanding? Does Jesus really have “room” in our lives?

There is still time! There is still hope! We can start today. We can surrender our lives completely to the Lord and begin to seek, share, say and show! We can make room for Jesus in our lives and thus make room for Jesus in our world! I’m making room today…will you join me?


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