Bigger Hands

 Bigger Hands

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fulness.”  —  John 10:10


Brian Harris of New Zealand tells the story of a young boy who went with his mother to the local store. The store owner, a kindly man, passed him a large jar of suckers and invited him to help himself to a handful.


Uncharacteristically, the boy held back. So the store owner pulled out a big handful of suckers and handed them to him.


Once they were outside, the boy’s mother asked him why he had suddenly been so shy that he wouldn’t put his hand in the jar and pull out a handful of suckers.


The boy looked up at his mother and replied, “Because his hand is much bigger than mine!” Indeed, there is a lot to be said for allowing someone with bigger hands to provide for us.


When Jesus compared his followers to sheep, he vividly portrayed what their lives in him were to look like. As his sheep, his followers were to fully depend on him and rest in the fact that he was watching over them and leading them.


As Jesus’ sheep, we are confronted with a question: Will we follow the Shepherd and allow him to care for us and provide for us, or will we try to make our own way?


We need to remember always that our Shepherd came to give life in abundance. And we also need to remember that His hands are bigger and able to give much more that we could ever provide for ourselves.


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