Courage to Stand Alone


“There is a man in your kingdom in whom is the Spirit of the Holy God…”  — Daniel 5:11


It was a morally dark night in Babylon. Darker than your workplace, school, or community. King Belshazzar had willfully blasphemed God by desecrating vessels looted from the temple in Jerusalem. Now Babylon and Belshazzar were about to face God’s judgment.


Yet in the midst of this gross darkness and judgment shone the light of a single witness: the prophet Daniel. Because of his reputation as a man with “the Spirit of the Holy God” (Daniel 5:11), Daniel was summoned to interpret the mystifying message on the wall.


Daniel could have softened the message and warning of God to give it a meaning that the king and his court would rather hear. He could have omitted the part about judgment and death. But instead of muddling the message to please the king, Daniel remained true to God. Standing alone before Belshazzar and his drunken court, he boldly proclaimed the whole truth of God.


It took enormous courage for Daniel to do that, but the threat of an earthly king was nothing compared to his allegiance to the King of Heaven. Daniel feared Belshazzar so little because he feared God so much.


When we share Daniel’s  Heavenly perspective, we find that God gives us the courage to stand alone. Godly courage, then, finds its foundations in the fear of God.


The fear of God has almost become a stranger to the pews and pulpits of our day. A distorted view of grace and love have led us to view the fear of God as some monster to be fought rather than a mindset to be embraced.


As never before, the church and our culture needs individuals with the courage to stand alone. We need  prophets that will look into the face of a debaucherous generation and say, “The handwriting is on the wall. The judgment of God is certain and the penalty of death is sure. Turn from your sin and put your trust in the Living God.”


Fear Him you saints of God, and make His wonders known.

When others flee from the fight, stand strong and stand alone! 


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