The Hidden Line


“He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck, will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.” — Proverbs 29:1




On the fly leaf page of almost every bible I have used in preaching, I have written a poem. This poem disturbs my soul. This poem awakens my passion for the lost.


J. Addison Alexander wrote this poem from a burning heart. Please read prayerfully:


There is a time, we know not when,

A place we know not where,

That marks the destiny of men,

To glory or despair.


There is a line by us unseen,

That crosses every path;

The hidden boundary between

God’s patience and His wrath.


To pass that limit is to die,

To die as if by stealth;

It does not quench the beaming eye,

Or pale the glow of health.


The conscience may be still at ease,

The spirit light and gay;

That which is pleasing still may please,

And care be thrust away.


But on that forehead God has set,

Indelibly a mark;

Unseen by man, for man as yet,

Is blind and in the dark.


And yet the doomed man’s path below,

May bloom as Eden bloomed;

He did not, does not, will not know

Or feel that he is doomed.


He knows, he feels that all is well,

And every fear is calmed;

He lives, he dies, he wakes in Hell,

Not only doomed, but damned.


Oh! where is that mysterious bourne

By which our path is crossed;

Beyond which God Himself has sworn,

That he who goes is lost?


How far may we go on in sin?

How long wil God forbear?

Where does hope end, and where begin

The confines of despair?


An answer from the skies is sent;

“Ye that from God depart,

While it is called today, repent

And harden not your heart!


We cannot ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our hearts! Continuing to ignore the warnings of God will bring great calamity into one’s life. If God is dealing with your heart about your lostness; surrender to Him today! There is a hidden line. Preachers don’t preach this anymore, but unlimited opportunity is not guaranteed in the Scriptures. As a matter of fact, the opposite is taught. If we do not respond to God’s promptings, they can be taken away!


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  1. Excellent! Well Said!

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