Time for Trust



“But Jesus overheard them an said to Jairus, ”Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” – Mark 5:36



I am in no way qualified to speak from experience about the trial of physical suffering. My life to this point has been “pain free” in this area. I have, however, suffered in brokenness with those who were suffering.


We don’t know how many remedies Jairus tried in attempting to help his little daughter, but he certainly was convinced that Jesus was his last hope. His little girl was dying. Jairus desperately threw himself at Jesus’ feet and begged for help. To his relief, Jesus agreed to come.


The next few minutes must have been agonizing for Jairus. The pressing crowds made progress difficult. Jesus stopped to heal a woman. Then Jairus heard his name being called. Someone arrived from his house with crushing news—his little girl was dead. Their well-meaning but misguided advice was to accept the facts and get on with life. Jesus wasn’t needed any longer.


Fortunately, Jesus overheard the news. His words to Jairus must have encouraged and bewildered the father simultaneously; “This isn’t a time for fear but for trust.” Jairus, Jesus and three of the disciples found a grieving and unbelieving group who derided Jesus for saying that the girl was only sleeping. After escorting the mourners outside, Jesus spoke to the child and she awakened.


The words Jesus spoke to Jairus ought to echo frequently in our hearts. Fear always makes the outlook hopeless, but trust in God keeps hope alive. Those who trust in God often find they get back what they thought they lost.


So, what is the “life-and-death” situation you are facing today? I have friends who smile in the valley of suffering. I know others who sing their sweetest songs through the pain.


What are the times you live in? I believe God is looking for someone who lives in the time of trust. His eye scans the horizon for someone He can demonstrate His power through. Why not you…why not me?


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