Doing the Will of God (Part 3)




“Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.” – Romans 12:11



There is a tale told of that great English actor Macready. An eminent preacher once said to him: “I wish you would explain to me something.” “Well, what is it? I don’t know that I can explain anything to a preacher.”


“What is the reason for the difference between you and me? You are appearing before crowds night after night with fiction, and the crowds come wherever you go. I am preaching the essential and unchangeable truth, and I am not getting any crowd at all.” 


Macready’s answer was this: “This is quite simple. I can tell you the difference between us. I present my fiction as though it were truth; you present your truth as though it were fiction. It is passion dear man, it is passion!”


A third expectation Paul shares with the Roman Christians about doing the will of God is: being committed to God’s will means serving with passion. God is looking for a passionate heart (2 Chronicles 16:9).


Passion is the fruit of a life connected with God. The Bible demonstrates the fact that you cannot be rightly related to God and be devoid of passion. Even when the Lord’s disciples were “off base” in their actions, there was still a passion for Him in their hearts.


Peter’s life, even in his denial (Matthew 26:69-75), was book-ended by both a passion to fight for the Lord (Matthew 26:51), and a passion to make Him known (Acts 2:14-ff). His passion took him out of the boat and made him a leader in the early church.


When Thomas came face to face with the resurrected Christ, he was transformed from a doubter to a shouter (John 20:24-29). His answer to the victory of Jesus over the grave was, “My Lord and my God!” According to tradition, Thomas’ passion for the gospel cost him his life.


Are you convinced in your heart about God, His Word and His will for your life? Are you still living in such a way as to communicate the truth as though it were fiction?


The world needs a demonstration of passion. The church doesn’t need something that is “worked up,” but instead something that is “prayed down.” There is no time for sulking. Get a fire in your bones and serve!


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