What is the Spiritual Situation?





“When Jesus heard what had happened, he found the man and asked, ‘Do you believe in the Son of Man?’ The man answered, How is he, sir? I want to believe in him.’” – John 9:35-36


How important is it for Christians to understand the spiritual situation of the people we live around and come in contact with? What is the present mindset of your community when it comes to  how and where fulfillment, meaning and purpose can be found?


The White House Situation Room is a 5,000-square-foot conference room and intelligence management center in the basement of the West Wing of the White House. It is run by the National Security Council staff for the use of the President of the United States and his advisers (including Homeland Security and the White House Chief of Staff) to monitor and deal with crises at home and abroad and to conduct secure communications with outside (often overseas) persons. The Situation Room is equipped with secure, advanced communications equipment for the President to maintain command and control of U.S. forces around the world.


The Situation Room was created in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion was attributed to a lack of real-time information. The room has secure communications systems built into it and the walls contain wood panels that hide different audio, video and other systems.


The Situation Room is staffed by a number of senior officers from various agencies in the Intelligence Community and from the military. These individuals stand watch on a 24-hour basis, constantly monitoring world events and keeping senior White House staff apprised of significant events.


It is obvious that our government places a premium on awareness of the world’s situation and the gathering of information to understand and respond. A Situation Room is key to our nation’s survival and health.


The Bible is a Christians “situation room.” We can understand, through the Word of God,  where our community is coming from and get God’s viewpoint on solutions to help.


This passage in John paints a clear and accurate picture of where our culture is in terms of Jesus. This man had no clue who Jesus was, but he was looking for someone or something to believe in!


Jesus had healed this man, who was born blind. His total transformation brought amazement and many questions to the hearts of his friends and acquaintances. No one could explain it, but no one could deny what had happened.


Dear ones, we are living in a culture where many have no real clue about Jesus, but they are franticly searching for something or someone who will bring purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction to their existence. As Jesus revealed himself to this man, so we are called to reveal Jesus to our culture’s searching hearts and lives.


Jesus said, “You have both seen Him and it is He who is talking to you.” (verse 37) We are to tell our world, “Here He is! Jesus is the one you are looking for! In Him is life!”


How critical is it that we confront our culture’s spiritual situation? The survival and health of the church depends on it!


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