Halfhearted Obedience




“Amaziah did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight, but not wholeheartedly.” – 1 Chronicles 25:2



Young Amaziah grew up in a court setting seasoned by a brief appearance of righteousness which merely punctuated a history of idolatry and killing. The court was filled with intrigue, treachery, and murder. He watched his father, Joash, do well under the godly influence of the old priest Jehoiada, only to resort to such hideous actions after Jehoiada died.



When Amaziah became king, he also kept alive an appearance of attentiveness to God, but his heart wasn’t in it. He executed those who had assassinated his father. His early successes, which could have inspired humility, instead gave rise to arrogance. Furthermore, despite God’s cautions, he challenged a reluctant Israel to a military confrontation and experienced the humiliating defeat God had forewarned. The remainder of Amaziah’s reign was desolate. Like his father’s case, Amaziah’s own people plotted to kill him.



The pattern surrounding Amaziah’s life affirms that hoping to obey God without heartfelt motivation is wishful thinking at best. Unfortunately, we all do a little wishing now and then. Do you often know what the right thing is but sometimes resent having to do it? Life with Christ can be so much more than a series of duties or obligations. Let God transform you from the inside out. Integrity is obedience from the heart.


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