God’s Perfect Timing




“They had no children because Elizabeth was unable to conceive, and they were both old.”  — Luke 1:7



In societies like ancient Israel, in which a woman’s value was largely measured by her ability to bear children, an aging couple without children often faced personal hardship and public shame. Elizabeth’s childless years were a painful and lonely time; nevertheless, she remained faithful to God.



Life had probably settled into a well-worn routine when Zechariah silently announced the good news. What had been a faded dream was to become an exciting reality: Elizabeth would bear a son. She knew God had given her a gift she had not dared to hope for at her age.



The pieces of God’s once puzzling plan began to fall into place. In another town, Elizabeth’s niece, Mary, also unexpectedly became pregnant. Mary soon came to visit Elizabeth, and the women were instantly bound by the unique gifts God had given them. Knowing Mary must have made Elizabeth marvel at God’s timing. Things had worked out even better than she could have planned.



In our own lives, we need to remember that God is in control of every situation. Beyond any fevered planning and rushed efforts of our own, God’s timing and plans are perfect. When did you last pause to recognize God’s timing in the events of your life?



God’s timing is worth waiting for!


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