Today’s Greatest Need




“Keep alert at all times. And pray that you might be strong enough to escape these coming horrors and stand before the Son of Man.”  — Luke 21:36



In 1857 a money panic hit the United States. Although the entire nation was in a state of perplexity, the main force of the blow was felt in New York City, the center of finance.



The now-famous Fulton Street noonday prayer meeting had been organized there a short time before the panic hit. As the uncertainty increased, this gathering grew in size and spiritual intensity. Similar groups began springing up all over the city.



The movement spread across the country, and a great wave of petitions ascended to Heaven. Thousands of Americans turned their hearts toward God. This spiritual awakening became known as the “Prayer Meeting Revival,” and it is credited with sustaining our nation in an hour of great crisis.



Today America and many other nations are facing severe problems. Fear of the future is gripping our hearts. God’s people are being challenged again to lift their voices heavenward. “Keep alert at all times and pray” is a relevant call.



Great things could happen if believers from all walks of life would gather to plead for God’s mercy! If our concerns were channeled into pray, the tide could be turned.



Yes, prayer is today’s greatest need. Are you and I doing our part? America will either burn with the fires of holocost or with the fires of Pentecost! Which will it be?


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