Where Do You Stand?



“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” – Job 13:15


There comes a time in many Christian’s lives when they suddenly find themselves in great distress—seemingly without rhyme or reason. Why, they ask, are they subjected to such a terrific battle against doubts, fears and unbelief? Why do their prayers for deliverance and healing go unanswered so long? Doesn’t God care? Of course He does, but He has a wise purpose in His delays.


Do you remember what the Lord said to Satan about Job after his calamities came upon him? To disprove Satan’s charge that Job trusted God for ulterior motives (1:9), God called attention to Job’s integrity in the midst of suffering (2:3). Likewise, when the Lord’s people today suffer severe trials, God may be exhibiting them to the world and to Satan as outstanding trophies of His grace.


I read about a vine that grows on the trunks of oak trees. If the vine is on the side opposite a severe wind, the great oak is its protection; if it is on the exposed side, it holds more closely to its host. D. M. Launderville noted, “So in some of life’s storms God shelters us, while in others He allows us to be exposed so that we will be pressed more closely to Him!”


Let me ask you, when trials come, what should be our stance? How should we respond to the unexpected, uncontrollable and intolerable? The best approach is the stance of Job: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”

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  1. Yes. Job was right in that sentiment, because God is trustworthy. He is my shepherd and He will take care of me – whatever befalls in this life. Beautiful post, Tony! God bless you.

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