Precious Minutes



“So be careful how you live…Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” – Ephesians 5:15, 16



As a boy I watched workmen suspended by a hoist over the face of a large clock on a courthouse tower. They were cleaning its face. In the process they had stopped the movement of the clock’s hands. They had stopped the clock but they hadn’t stopped time.



Every audible tick of the clock on the wall reminds us of the passing of time. It is the same with the swinging of the pendulum of the stately, old grandfather clock in the corner. It measures the seconds that accumulate into minutes, hours, days, and years—and are gone forever.



An unknown poet has written,


“Time that is past you can never recall,

Of time to come, you are not sure at all;

Only the present is now in your power,

Therefore, redeem and improve every hour.”


We cannot prevent the passage of time, but we can use it rightly. This inestimable gift, which a most gracious God has committed to our use, must not be squandered. We do not know how much time we have left.



That’s one reason the apostles Paul told us to redeem the time, which means that we should invest it in serving Christ and doing His will. This will not only make each minute precious, but it will also give it eternal value. Eternity will reveal whether we have made the right use of time.


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  1. inpursuitofjesus

    Thanks for the reminder to use our time wisely.

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