What Can I Say–What Will He* Be?


*I use “he” in the generic sense. I do not know yet if my grandchild is a boy or a girl.


“We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about His power and mighty wonders.” – Psalm 78:4



I have been thinking a lot this week about grandchildren. At times my thoughts have been “giddy” and joyful, but there have been many times this week that they have been sobering and full of responsibility.



What will I tell him? What will he know of me and the deepest passions of my heart? If the Lord tarries His coming, one day he will look back and remember granddaddy. What will he remember—what will he think?



Someone said to me recently, “Grandchildren are God’s way of giving you a second chance to get it right.” If that is so, will I “do it differently”…should I do it differently?”



I want to say something important with my life. I want the entire fiber of my being to clearly speak the name of Jesus to my grandchild. I want there to be no uncertain sound when it comes to my allegiance…to my passion.



When I think about it, this is nothing new for me. I have wanted so much for my life to be a reflection of Him. There have been so many times that I have fallen short of this. My heart has broken on many occasions when I have crawled to my knees again to say “I’m sorry, Lord.”



I long for the day when I can show my affection and love to this little miracle of God I anticipate holding in my arms. But more than that, I can’t wait to share with that little, searching one the truth about the deeds and power of the One who changed granddaddy’s life; to tell him who made him, who loves him and who has a wonderful plan for his life!



I pray I’ll know just what to say and that He’ll know what God has created him to be….



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2 responses to “What Can I Say–What Will He* Be?

  1. Congratulations Tony! I missed your earlier post where you announced the good news, but I share in your joy! This little one will be blessed by the testimony of your love and devotion to Christ.

  2. Daddy, it’s obvious what your passions are. I can’t imagine anyone talking to you for more than 30 seconds and not knowing. It’s hard to describe you any other way.

    I’m so glad our children will have such a godly, nurturing granddaddy. It’s a relief to know that Gunter and I will be far from the only ones presenting God’s truth to this child.

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