It’s in the Mail




“Those who know Your Name trust in you, for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you.”  — Psalm 9:10



We should never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. To those who have experienced a personal relationship with God, there is not only peace but excitement about tomorrow.



Chris set the mail on the table, unopened. What was the point? It was just more bills. The occasional advertisement only reminded him of what he and his family couldn’t afford. Since he’d been laid off six months ago, everything had changed.



As he turned to leave the kitchen, a hand-written envelope caught his eye. He tore it open, and a folded sheet of paper fell onto the table. It read simply, “God brought you to my mind today.”



Tucked inside was a money order, enough to pay for rent and then some. Stunned, Chris remembered his disheartened prayer of just an hour before, asking God for help. He now realized that God’s answer to his prayer was in the works even before the words crossed his lips.



It wasn’t something he did very often. But words of thanks and praise instantly overflowed from his grateful heart. He thought, “How could God love me so much? Why would he do this for me?



We’ve heard the phrase before, “the check is in the mail.” This is to imply that payment is on the way. Before we know our need, God has our supply. God’s answer may not always fit our concept of what He should supply, but it is always what we need.



Right now, many are hurting and needy, maybe even you. Please know that God will not abandon you. He loves you and cares deeply about where you are at. Remember, its in the mail; it only takes one God moment to change everything!

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