The Magnet In That Old Hunk of Wood



”I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep.”  — John 10:11

It started out as a family adventure—it ended as a family tragedy. James Reddick took his 12-year-old son and his 11-year-old daughter on a hiking expedition up Mt. Rainier in Washington State.



All of a sudden, a freak snowstorm arose, creating instant blizzard conditions and hurricane-force winds. With a blinding “white out” around them, they could not go any further. Dad knew they had to create some kind of shelter. 



All he could do was to cut out a large hole in the ground using a cup from their cooking kit, and then he put his children in that hole and covered it up with a tarp. But the fierce winds kept blowing the tarp away, leaving the children exposed to that deadly storm.



The father tried everything he could find to hold down the tarp, but nothing worked. Finally, in one last, desperate attempt to save his children, he actually lay across the hole himself to keep the snow from blowing in.



Two days later, a search party noticed an edge of a backpack. They uncovered the hole and they found the two children alive and well. But first they uncovered their father—who froze to death, protecting the ones he loved.



That father had given the highest kind of love there is—the giving of his life so people he loved wouldn’t have to die. It is that kind of love that touches us in the deepest part of us—compelling love. It’s why I’m asking you to open your heart today to the One who has loved you like that.



Malcolm Muggeridge said, “It is the Cross, more than anything else, which has called me inexorably to Christ.” It is not religion, rituals, beliefs, not even the great teachings and miracles of Jesus—it was His cross! You see, there really is a magnet in that old hunk of wood—a magnet that draws us to behold such great love for us.



Would you allow yourself to walk up that skull-shaped hill and witness the suffering and sacrifice of the precious Son of God? Let’s bow at the cross today and give ourselves to this One who cared more about our lives than He did for His own. Tell Him, “Jesus, I’m Yours!”



I can understand if you walk by Christians or even Christianity. But please—don’t walk by the Cross! That’s a love you dare not pass by…and it’s your only hope of Heaven. 


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