Now’s Your Chance Lord!




“Oh, please help us against our enemies, for all human help is useless.”  — Psalm 108:12



John and Betty Stam, the famous missionaries to China who were martyred for the cause of Christ, had led a young girl to the Lord and later hired her to do their housework. Although converted, the young girl had some serious problems for which there seemed to be no solution.



One day, in deep distress, she went to her bedroom and cried out to the Savior for help. John and Betty overheard her and were deeply moved. They were especially touched when she said with the utmost reverence and faith, “Now’s Your chance, Lord! Now’s Your chance!” Her earnest prayers were rewarded, for God soon helped her solve her problems.



We are living in a day of desperation, drifting and despair. Our culture is desperate for answers and filled with frustration over the emptiness and silence of those who say they know the truth and know the Lord.



The church has drifted and compromised so that those who call themselves “Christians” will no longer tolerate preaching against sin and calls to holy living. Many want to be coddled, cajoled and comforted. They do not want their apathetic sleep disturbed by a challenge to be responsible witnesses of Jesus Christ to their generation.



Despair grips the heart of this generation because the bill has come due for the empty promises of peace and fulfillment that were given to those pursuing them through pleasures, alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity and self-seeking.



But there is good news! God is just waiting to show His strength and goodness to the one who will cry out to Him. He is listening intently for the one who will say, “Now’s Your Chance, Lord! Now’s Your chance, Lord!”



Are you standing at “wits-end corner,” without any solution to your problems in sight? Pour out your heart to the Lord. Tell Him you are unable to cope with your desperate situation. Then wait patiently for His help. He will provide the answer at just the right moment.

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