Traveling With His Watchful Eye



“…a land that the Lord your God cares for. He watches over it through each season of the year! 

— Deuteronomy 11:12



The children of Israel were soon to possess the Promised Land. It was a land that God promised to care for. He said that He would always keep his eyes upon it, from the beginning of the year even to the end.



When we start a new year we do not know what lies ahead. However, we know that it will be filled with new experiences, new blessings, and new problems. We go forward in the assurance that He has promised to keep His eyes upon us from the beginning of the year to the very end.



As the year moves on, the needs arise and the problems and heartaches come, it is sometimes difficult to believe His promise that His eyes are upon us. Is He really seeing from the beginning even to the end?



His eyes are upon us always. This includes the days when we are in turmoil, the days when we are ill and in great pain, the days when our hearts are breaking, the days when we are discouraged. “Always” includes “even today.” With His eyes of love upon us He goes with us everywhere.


When I was a young boy, I had to go a considerable distance on an errand for my grandmother. When I was ready to start, I said to my grandmother, “It’s so far, and I’m not sure I know the way very well. I’m not really afraid, but will you go just a little way with me?” My grandmother caught the worry in my voice and said, “I will go with you all the way.” With my hand in hers we walked all the way without fear.


Today, I choose to reach for God’s hand—will you? He’s watching so…I’m reaching!


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