One More Miracle



“Then Moses and the people of Israel sang this song to the Lord: I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously; he has hurled both horse and rider into the sea.”  — Exodus 15:1



If I were looking for a praise and worship pattern, I would have to look no further than Exodus 15. There we can find the Israelites heaping honor on God.



The people were just hours removed from one of the greatest rescues in history. The Lord had protected them from the rampaging Egyptians, and their praises reflected the renewed trust in God that this event brought them.



It’s only right to pour out our unbridled praise on God when we see Him work in great and miraculous ways. But those aren’t the only times He deserves our adoration. Too often we wait for God to perform a big answer to prayer before we feel like singing His praises.



Think about this: God doesn’t owe us any miracles. He doesn’t need to do anything to prove His greatness. He has already given us an incredible display of His power in His creation.



He has made the ultimate sacrifice to purchase our redemption. Through His power, He has conducted the most miraculous transaction known to mankind—He brought us from spiritual death to spiritual life!



Waiting for a miracle? God’s done plenty of them already. We just need to open our spiritual eyes and see them. Recalling what He has done and echoing the spirit of praise we find in Exodus 15 is a beginning.



Want to go further in worship?  Let’s forget about all the great miracles He has done and take a good long gaze at who He is. Let’s love God for who He is and let that love flow from our lips to Heaven. That is pure worship and is our unconditional praise.



I’ll tell you, I’m not waiting for one more miracle! My Father gets my all…right now!



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