Sleeping Seeds




“Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you.”

— Ecclesiastes 11:1



I was reminded of this verse of scripture recently when I ran across a little item, by an unknown author, which I had filed away among my clippings many years ago. It was the story of a young man who bought a house and tore down an old building that had stood for many years in the yard.



He smoothed over the ground and left it. The warm spring rains fell on it, and the sunshine flooded it. Soon there sprang up multitudes of flowers, unlike any growing in the neighborhood.



The explanation was simple; there had once been a garden on that spot, and the seeds had lain in the soil without moisture, light, or warmth all through the years. However, as soon as the sunshine and rain touched them, they sprang up into life and beauty.



So many times, the seeds of truth lie long in the human heart, not growing, because the light and warmth of the Holy Spirit are shut away from them by sin and unbelief.  But, after long years the heart is opened in some way to the Heavenly influences, and the seeds, living still, shoot up into beauty.



The instructions of a godly mother may lie in a heart, fruitless, from childhood to old age, yet in the very last days be instrumental in the saving of a lost soul.



Brother—sister, keep on casting the precious Seed around you as you journey! If the sowing is constant, the harvest is certain. Although it sometimes seems delayed, yet the tide of blessing will roll back in God’s own season and the fruits of victory will then be both glorious and abundant!


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