Carried by the Father


“I will be your God throughout your lifetime—until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.”  — Isaiah 46:4



Henry Moorhouse was once consumed with work that seemed to demand more than his mind or his faith could reach around. Soon his soul became burdened and heavy-ladened.



It was at his lowest point that God gave him the tenderest revelation concerning the fact that His everlasting arms were underneath, bearing him along. It seems that his little daughter, who was a paralytic, was one day sitting in her wheelchair as he entered the house with a package in his hand for his wife.



Going up to the child and kissing her, he asked, “Where is your mother?” “Mother is upstairs.” “Well, I have a package for her,” said Henry Moorhouse. “Oh, let me carry the package to mother.” “Why, Minnie, dear, how can you possibly carry the package? You cannot even carry yourself.” With a smile on her face, Minnie said, “I know Papa; but if you will give me the package, I will hold it, while you carry me.”



Taking her up in his arms he bore her tenderly upstairs. Little Minnie was indeed holding the parcel, but he was holding Minnie. Then it came to him very suddenly that this was just his position in the burdening work in which he was engaged. He too was carrying a heavy burden, but praise God; he could proceed with confidence knowing that the Lord was in turn carrying him.



God promises to carry us even though, in a sense, we must still bear our own burdens. We may be sure that the Father will not only bring us through our difficulties, but will also comfort us and still our fears at the same time. God asks only that we trust Him and recline in His everlasting arms.



Because of His kindness and available support, it is unreasonable and unbecoming for any saint to sink beneath his burdens and afflictions. Ask the Father to help…he will carry you through.


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