Foothold Fighters


“…and do not give the devil a foothold.”  — Ephesians 4:27



A virus—for a blogger, this is a nightmare. Last Thursday I was attacked in the middle of the day—broad daylight! It was of the “facebook” variety and caused me to “retire” my laptop for a season.



Some things I’ve learned about a virus is that when you are attacked, normal operations cease, total attention must be given to the fact of the attack, and every effort must be made to minimize and neutralize the affects of the attack. Thursday afternoon was a great time to go into God’s classroom of faith!



After regaining my composure, I realized that God was teaching me about the attacks that I face from my real enemy—Satan. He is always looking for a way to “get a foot in the door” in our lives. Every day we are to suit up for war (Ephesians 6:10-18). Preparing for battle reminds us that there is one!



Not only should we realize that there is a battle going on but we should also realize that we can’t be status quo Christians when the attack comes.  We must acknowledge the threat, we must neutralize it with the Word of God and prayer and we must remove everything that would cause an opening for Satan to gain a foothold in our lives.



We must be “foothold fighters” if we are to be fruitful laborers in God’s kingdom.


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